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Camping gives you the opportunity to learn new life skills, avoid electronic distractions, be one with nature, and clear your head. It’s like hitting the reset button. But should you choose one of the new revolution campervans or a tent? In a campervan you have seats, a stove, and most importantly windows to gaze out of while you listen to the relaxing raindrop pitter-patter noises. But if you can't afford a campervan, then you need to find the best tent for your budget.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect tent for you:

Buy the best you can

Buy the best tent you can afford and never buy a tent without first having seen it up. If you’re camping somewhere you’re likely to get chilly, then line the base of your tent with a metallic safety blanket. Shiny side up, it’ll reflect your body heat back into the tent.

Look for funky colours

Tents are often made in rather uninspiring colours, but you can hunt out some pretty ones. Cath Kidston makes gorgeous patterned ones for Millets.

The joy of text

If you’re camping at a large campsite or festival, it’s a good idea to put a flag on your tent. Orange developed a tent that lit up when you sent it a text message. Sadly, so far no one has made it commercially.

Make it your own

If you want to customise your tent make sure you do it safely. Paint and hangings can damage the waterproofing. A helium balloon flying from the top is always rather sweet, as is bunting.

Be prepared

Check the weight of the tent before you buy it. If you’re travelling by car and can park right next to your pitch it’s not an issue. If you’re hiking up a large hill it most definitely is.

Keep bedding dry

Store your bedding in a bin bag to ensure that it doesn’t get wet when you’re making camp. There are few things as depressing as being out all day only to find yourself sleeping in a soggy bed when it’s time to turn in.