Most companies, including yours, can do'and want to do'more work with their current resources. Repeating contract language in an effort to impart greater emphasis is dangerous, as differences in context can lead to confusion in meaning and an unfavorable interpretation in a court of law. How do you and your company match up? And you have a fall-back option so if one route to market fails to work, you can still reach your customers, and they can still buy things from you.

Meet their commitments

Leverage your success by seeking other business opportunities, partnerships, and ventures that will build equity, create wealth, and provide positive passive cash-flow. A square foot of a coupon represents a sum of money spent in the store--perhaps one dollar. This inconsistency in our work quality and service became overwhelming, and it reduced our ability to grow our business. Then, when you have a list of clients and even some testimonials from them, you can begin working on your business plan to build up your business.

Risk homeostasis

Sales is about asking for the order and closing the sale with target consumers. It accommodates the frequent lag between when a purchase is made and cash changes hands. If you keep a retail store, you must pay the man who makes the goods, the man who transports the goods, and the man who keeps the goods in large stock, and all this leaves you only a small margin of profit. Look at every overhead check you sign.

Whether you think you can, or think you can?t ? you?re right

Make a decision to do more than work on your business. Also, in a large, highly layered organization, command decisions by upper management may seem irrelevant to lower-level employees. Every breakfast or lunch is an opportunity to be with one of your customers. But until they step up to leadership, they won't realize the full potential of their people or company.

The Internet encourages a long tail business model

Show your loyal repeat customers you care about them and appreciate their business by using special invitations, lunches, discounts, offers, clubs, events, or receptions. You don't make a profit until all of your annual direct costs are paid for and you pay back all of your overhead costs for the year. Profit is not owner's compensation. Most say they want the lowest price, the best quality, and the best service (free, perfect, and now!).

Would you do business with yourself if you were a customer?

Here are the rules of an old merchant which he would take for his guidance were he to start anew in business: Enumerate the entire number of heads of families in the town, village, ward, or neighborhood where you purpose to begin business. An engineering company could send out the latest code changes affecting their customers every year. Create and install two written systems per month. Interdependences that characterise business relationships make value measurement and appropriation problematic.