Addressing those concerns now is a worthwhile idea. Do you tell your people what to do and then say: 'Before you do that, check with me first'? Even a clothesline is a substitute competitor to a clothes dryer. Rank your key team members by gross dollars and net dollars earned, actual profit made versus profit bid, and customer satisfaction.

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So make sure that any plan presented to a potential partner deals comprehensively with the ownership structure and clearly spells out matters of control and accountability. You may want to stress your blue-ribbon customer list and spotless record of repaying trade debts in this plan. Bank loan applications can be voluminous, almost as long and complete as a full-fledged business plan. All business owners should know how much it costs to keep their company running.

The best plan describes a business selling something everybody needs

This will ensure that you maintain trusted relationships that will result in you getting a majority of their business. The next step is to implement the process or work flow. Companies of all sizes need good employees, and worthy companies are willing to go to a lot of trouble and expense to hire, retain, and pay them. You won't find right or wrong reasons to start or buy a business; you'll only find right or wrong criteria that go into forming those reasons.

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The good news is that you often don't have to waste time and energy creating an infrastructure ' it's already in place, thereby allowing you, the buyer, to dive right into the business, without having to waste time on the peripherals. Intrinsic motivation comes from a worker's internal sense of purpose, personal enjoyment of the work, and satisfaction of a job done well. But one cost that didn t seem especially variable went up sharply as business volume climbed. Yes, it will probably cost a bit more per unit ' suppliers generally give discounts for larger quantities so initially your unit cost will be higher ' but it will also mean you can keep your money requirements really small.

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Each person who works for you wants to be accountable and responsible for some part of his or her job. When asked, most business owners think they're great leaders. You could argue that it doesn t, especially because many include personal components such as to love every minute of my work and always feel I m doing my best. But many investors deeply respect visionary entrepreneurs. Through your vision, you should express your ideals and what you wish to accomplish on a larger scale than just within your organization.

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Thousands fail in business every year when an idea put into practical operation would have tided them over the trouble and opened the road to a competence. Successful entrepreneurs learned long ago that micromanaging people and processes doesn't result in much or enough profit. Playing basketball without a basket or scoreboard would not be very exciting. Do you make hasty customer, purchasing, or employee decisions because you don't have enough time to research all the options and then put the right pieces together?