Business buyers in the process of gathering information for either a new buy or a modified rebuy will notice informative SEO content. Keyword research represents the very foundation of your SEO campaign and when done properly, keywords can drive traffic and rankings for your web pages. Keywords represent terms and phrases people type as search queries to find local businesses. Have you ever wondered why delivers different results for a user in the US than for a user in Germany? A meta description is a short paragraph which is displayed under a title tag on the SERP (see screen above). A meta-description gives you the opportunity to introduce your brand before a searcher pays a visit to your site and actually sees the products that you offer.

Why has search engine spiders been so popular?

Earning a link from a high-quality, relevant website will not only help with your SEO but also with referral traffic, which can lead to more sales and brand exposure. According to a survey by iProspect, more than 60% of users click on organic search results. Now you're definitely going to rank for your keywords. Planning keyword targets and goals together is of the utmost importance for all outbound communications.

More focus is put on link building

Fortunately for us information-hungry types, mobile news sites are now highly optimized for glimmering headlines. Agency SEOs have an edge because they have access to independent sets of data that span across different industries. The planning and strategy phase answers some fundamental questions based on the output of the research phase. Now, industries and specific businesses all over the world have been operating under the assumption that search marketing is all about sales.

Analyse your existing Google algorithms

9 out of 10 people users make use of Search Engines to find an answer to their query. When these users type in their keywords/query, the Search Engine's bots and spiders run their complex algorithms, scan through the giant database that has been crawled and indexed by them. They, then come up with results (websites) whose keywords matches with that of the query. These constant changes in SEO strategies with Google's change will never let Seo die. Negative ads can succeed. We asked a locak SEO Specialist, Gaz Hall, for his thoughts on the matter: "A lot of marketers focus on social in their online marketing strategy. But, it's important to use both online search and social. Search is more powerful than social and more effective when supported by social."

Repurpose old walled garden sites

SEO is very simple, and unless you're a very large company it's probably not worth hiring somebody else to do. Chances are very good that they will eventually click through to your website, and since you continually displayed in all their search results, they will trust you that much more. An online panel study of 3,404 individuals revealed that 75 percent think the information presented on rating sites is generally fair and honest; however, 25 percent still believe the information to be biased or unfair. Some people say that "SEO is dead".