It is often assumed that wages are lower than they should be, that the laborer in some way is deprived of a portion of what he has rightfully earned. Are your people as efficient as they should be? Require four-week look-ahead schedules to be prepared weekly. It s also important to maintain your credibility because you will probably need additional funding as your company grows.

Develop Service delivery policies

If you ve ever fired your bookkeeper and started sending payroll to a service, you ve outsourced. They're great at doing work tasks, which causes them to focus on doing what they're comfortable with instead of doing what makes the most money or produces the highest returns. It can be tempting to pack slides or presentation boards with extra information to look smart or give the audience extra value. You ll want to stress such things as corporate mission and vision statements and analyses of current industry and economic factors.

Be the Best in the Business at Quality

If you want to be known as the provider of the best quality workmanship, a marketing program outlining why your company delivers precision quality will increase your value to those customers who want perfect quality. Inventory, accounts receivable, equipment, physical plant, employees ' you name the cash-draining asset, and most manufacturers have gotta have it. For most of us, our desires about where we would like to go are not as important as our businesses ability to take us there. Serious or funny?

Delay major purchases (except technology) for one year

Some people believe that starting a business is the riskiest of all small-business options. This is an example of a simple system and a proven standard that works. Sometimes the government really does want to help. Outsourcing can save time and money for support staff jobs and add flexibility in production staffing.

Send jokes or cartoons

Detached or warm? Some preferred stocks carry with them the right to be converted into common stock. This can't be accomplished by doing or micromanaging work. Should you begin your new enterprise when the economy is strong or when the economy is in a recession?

Look for outside income-producing investments

The part of the plan where you describe your financial needs can be considered your opening bid in this negotiation. Eventually, the consumer may face financial ruin and have to make a major correction by selling off assets or declaring bankruptcy. If you've ever participated in a bake sale, been paid for a musical performance, or operated a baby-sitting, painting, or lawn-mowing service, you've been involved in a small business. Do you want the cheapest website developer or the one who will get your company the most traffic?